AeroRoots wants to transform Nepal’s agriculture by farming in the air

We want to be able to grow Himalayan herbs in the Terai and Terai vegetables in the Himalayas,” claims Rana.

In 2017, Rana and Singh designed a system with over 150 plants and put it at Rana’s house. “At that point, we were in a hit and trial process. We didn’t know if our system would work,” shares Rana.

Of the 150 plants they had planted, only one survived. But the survival of one plant was enough to give the two partners the boost to continue the project which they started as a dream.

“The one plant that survived gave us the confidence that we were heading on the right path. Had that plant not survived, I don’t think AeroRoots would have existed today,” shares Rana.

Since then AeroRoots has come a long way. Learning from their mistakes, they have till date created four systems, each upgraded and better than the other.

The cofounders also share that they not only want to create a pesticide-free tomorrow, they also aim to revolutionise agriculture in Nepal. The company through its system is paving way for a soilfree farm which ensures higher yield and less investment of resources including the workforce.

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By Shashwat Pant
Online Khabar

Source: City Farmer

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