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Seychelles Creates a Marine Reserve Twice the Size of Great Britain

The Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, has established 154,000 square miles of marine protected areas, fulfilling a pledge to protect nearly a third of its vast territorial waters....
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New Technologies to Recycle Electronic Waste

Our connected consumer society generates a lot of electronic waste, around 50 million tonnes per year worldwide. It is even currently the waste that shows the strongest growth from one year...
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Not Just Biofuels: Algae’s Next Wave

Biobased materials, particularly in the thorny realm of bioplastics, are a polarizing subject. But for as many systemic kinks that their management lays bare, the slew of potential long-term benefits...
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Asia’s Central Banks Must Rise to the Challenge of Climate Change

Climate change is already a reality. The deadly bushfires in Australia, ferocious flooding in Indonesia and extended droughts in Vietnam have led to the destruction of infrastructure, investments and livelihoods....
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Zero-Carbon Water Pumps Turn Pakistan’s Barren Mountains Green

Shovel in hand, Naila Shah regularly walks two miles from her home to a newly planted apple orchard, high in the mountains of Khyber village in northern Pakistan.Only two years...
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Green Freebies for Coronavirus Heroes and California’s Clean Energy Boost: The Sustainability Success Stories of the Week

As part of our Mission Possible campaign, edie brings you this weekly round-up of five of the best sustainability success stories of the week from across the globe. ENERGY: California to...
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The Future Is in Our Hands: Drive to Save Traditional Skills

Clay pipe making, wainwrighting, tanning and making spinning wheels – all are skills of the past that can offer us a sustainable future. This is the message behind a drive,...
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Sustainable Wine Is Less Damaging to the Environment, but How Can You Spot It?

Over six gallons of water are required to produce one gallon of wine. “Irrigation, sprays, and frost protection all [used in winemaking] require a lot of water,” explained winemaker and...
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Seaweed Over Plastic: Indonesia’s Race Towards Sustainable Packaging

It’s just after sunrise here in Bali, and a group of locals are preparing to sail their wooden boats out to a bay off Nusa Lembongan, a small island southeast...
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The Backstory and Purpose Behind 5 Leading ESG Reporting Frameworks

In a session at the GreenBiz conference last month (wow, was it only last month? The world is in such a different place since then), ERM partner Mike Wallace noted...
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3 New Species of Chameleons Emerge From Centuries-Old Entanglement

For more than 180 years, several soft-nosed chameleons from Madagascar sat together in a single species complex (Calumma nasutum) until scientists decided to take a closer look. They disentangled the...
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Wildlife Charity Plans to Buy UK Land to Give It Back to Nature

A new national wildlife charity called Heal Rewilding is planning to buy ecologically depleted land across Britain and give it back to nature. The charity, which launches on Monday, is...
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