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Scientists Get Closer to Artificial Photosynthesis for Renewable Energy

Scientists at Berkeley Lab are getting close to a long-held goal of using artificial photosynthesis to generate renewable energy from the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. If produced in large...
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Europe: Demand for Renewables Outstripped Supply in 2019

The growth in renewable energy demand outpaced renewable energy supply in 2019, according to new statistics from the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). “The European demand for renewable energy tracked...
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Sustainable Business in Asia: 5 Trends That Will Impact a Decisive Decade

The decisive decade of the 2020s has arrived and will deliver the impact of key sustainability trends on business in Asia. These trends take place within broader technological, demographic and...
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Concrete Solutions That Lower Both Emissions and Air Pollution

Sometimes, fixing one problem can create another. Concrete production contributes 8 percent of global greenhouse gases, and demand continues to rise as populations and incomes grow. Yet some commonly discussed...
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It’s Just Numbers: A ROSI View of Corporate Sustainability

Just before the coronavirus clampdown, NYU’s Stern Center for Sustainable Business hosted its third annual practice forum. Once again, the forum’s focus was the Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI) framework....
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New Compostable Lids for Takeout Containers Made from Sugarcane

New compostable takeout container lids made from sugarcane are now available for for restaurants and snack bars seeking environmentally friendly options. Eco-Products, a Novolex brand announced it is now manufacturing...
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Beyond Your Doorstep: What You Buy and Where You Live Shapes Land-Use Footprint

In recent years, the attention of scientists and environmentalists has turned toward how population growth and urban expansion are driving habitat loss and an associated decline in ecosystem productivity and...
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Beyond Burgers: Asia Puts Twist on Alternative Meats

From lab-grown “seafood” to dumplings made with tropical fruit instead of pork, rising demand for sustainable meat alternatives in Asia is spawning creative products to appeal to local palates. Meat...
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Is Hydrogen the Solution to Net-Zero Home Heating?

On 27 June 2019, the energy and clean growth minister Chris Skidmore signed papers that committed the UK to reduce carbon emissions to effectively nothing by 2050. If we are...
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The Right Dose of Geoengineering Could Reduce Climate Change Risks, Study Says

Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is the idea that adding a layer of aerosol particles to the upper atmosphere can reduce climate changes caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Previous...
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New Satellite-Based Algorithm Pinpoints Crop Water Use

The growing threat of drought and rising water demand have made accurate forecasts of crop water use critical for farmland water management and sustainability. But limitations in existing models and...
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In a Circular Economy, Product-As-A-Service Has Social and Environmental Benefits

In 2012 the Ellen MacArthur Foundation published its first report analyzing the circular economy’s opportunities for business. This research focused on complex-medium-lived products and demonstrated that a circular economy scenario...
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