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Shareholders ask retailers to report on plastic bags

What gets reported, gets reduced A survey of the largest 80 U.S. retailers showed that no company that distributes for free, or sells plastic shopping bags for a fee, reports...
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Colombia launching 1 GW renewables auction – an opportunity for geothermal?

Colombia officially invites offers in a renewable energy tender, offering 10-year power purchase agreements (PPAs). Selected projects will have to commence delivering power as from December 2022, with the total...
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Indonesia expects up to 180 MW of geothermal capacity to be added in 2019

Already scheduled to start operating before the year end 2018, then Director of Geothermal, Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ida...
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5 reasons to be optimistic about reducing, and reversing, deforestation

Let’s be frank. For those of us who care about deforestation, the last few years have not been good. The latest data tells us we’re losing more tropical tree cover than...
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The Most Sustainable Companies In 2019

As political and business leaders gather for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, this week, a roster of the most sustainable companies is also enjoying a moment in the...
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How Orkney leads the way for sustainable energy

  It seems the stuff of fantasy. Giant ships sail the seas burning fuel that has been extracted from water using energy provided by the winds, waves and tides. A...
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Permaculture feeds and empowers refugees in Uganda

  Refugees arrive at Palabek refugee camp in Northern Uganda with the clothes on their back and what little they carried. New arrivals, many from South Sudan, receive a tarp,...
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How to stop the climate crisis: six lessons from the campaign that saved the ozone

Thirty years ago, all 197 countries got together to ban the gases damaging the Earth’s ozone layer. Now we need to unite to combat an even greater threat. What can...
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How tech startups and conservationists became unexpected allies

  To innovate and rapidly scale new solutions to the planet’s biggest challenges, environmentalists are looking towards Silicon Valley By Brian McPeek, President, The Nature Conservancy At the start of...
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Soil Health: The Next Agricultural Revolution

By adopting three practices—no-till farming, cover crops and diverse crop rotations—farmers worldwide can help preserve the world’s soils, feed a growing global population, mitigate climate change and protect the environment....
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windmills on rolling green hills

6 positive advancements against climate change to lead us into 2019

Global carbon emissions may be on the rise and poised to reach an all-time high this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t positive climate news to talk about. If...
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German wind power lead renewables

Renewables Outpace Coal In Germany In 2018

A report by Reuters says renewables accounted for a higher percentage of electricity generated in Germany than coal for the first time in 2018. The findings were published in a...
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