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If you monetized all the plastic garbage in the world, here’s what you could buy

This year, I served on the judging panel for The Royal Statistical Society’s International Statistic of the Year. On Dec. 18, we announced the winner: 90.5 percent, the amount of...
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Solar, thermal… Spain’s historic hotels go green

Spain’s state-owned chain of paradores, the grand hotels often housed in ancient castles and monasteries, has announced that all 97 of its establishments will use only electricity from renewable sources...
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Could a Seaweed-Eating Microbe Help Solve the Ocean Plastic Crisis?

The use of traditional plastics poses a major threat to the world’s oceans: If current trends continue, plastics will outnumber fish by 2050. But the oceans might also contain the...
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Sustainable Blue Economy Conference Concludes with 62 Commitments

28 November 2018: The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference concluded with hundreds of pledges to advance a sustainable Blue Economy, including 62 concrete commitments related to: marine protection; plastics and waste...
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Trends In Food Packaging Drive Sustainable Business Mainstream

  It’s hard to miss the growing conversation around single-use plastics in food packaging – you may have heard of The War on Straws, or seen reports on the Great...
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‘More, faster and together’: 50 CEOs urge world leaders for ambitious climate policy

Heads of firms boasting $1.5tr in revenue highlight urgent need for collaboration with governments to accelerate shift to low carbon economy CEOs of 50 major global companies representing more than...
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Biggest coral reseeding project launches on Great Barrier Reef

Scientists have launched the largest-ever attempt to regenerate coral on the endangered Great Barrier Reef by harvesting millions of the creatures’ eggs and sperm during their annual spawning. The researchers...
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Kickstarter Pushes Creators to ‘Think Green’ with Environmental Resource Center

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter PBC is encouraging creators to build their design and technology products with environmental responsibility in mind with the launch of its new information hub, the Environmental Resource...
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Puerto Rico plots out total switch to green energy by 2050

On Sept. 20 2017, Hurricane Maria ransacked the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. In its aftermath, the storm prompted a full-fledged humanitarian crisis with damages exceeding $90 billion and a...
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World Bank Begins Issuing $660M in Sustainable Development Bonds for Water Management

The World Bank, a financial institution that provides loans to countries for capital projects, has raised more than $660 million in Sustainable Development Bonds highlighting the critical role of ocean...
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This man has saved 12 endangered animal species from extinction

The pink pigeon and echo parakeet are just a few of the animals that biologist Carl Jones has saved with his unconventional approach. Ah, humans … what a bunch of...
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Self-driving buses and taxis to be in London and Edinburgh by 2021

The UK is to welcome self-driving buses and taxis into its transportation ecosystem, with London and Edinburgh set to host the autonomous vehicles by 2021 Autonomous travel remains a pipe...
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